About Us

Small Scale Showcase is an independent distributor of handmade  miniatures. Having been associated with miniatures for over 3 decades, we decided to use our expertise and knowledge to bring Artisans, of high quality miniatures, and collectors together under one web site.  We are an on-line store only - we do not have a bricks and mortar location

For the Collector

We are a One-Stop-Shop for 1:12 scale high quality miniatures created by Artisans. We focus on Dollhouse kitchen, pantry and dining-room furniture and accessories. By representing and featuring many Artisans on  one website we allow the collector to co-ordinate all aspects of their collection.


For the Artisan


We offer the Artisan a web site that caters to their vision of high quality miniature collectibles.

Professional marketing, warehousing and shipping gives the Artisan a higher sales volume along with a secure-no risk-fully automated payment system.

Our regularly featured products section highlights the Artisans new creations.

We allow the Artisan to focus on creating their products without having to worry about marketing, website maintenance, shipping costs and processes.

The added feature of global distribution makes Small Scale Showcase the one place Artisans of high quality miniatures will want to be.

Check the Artisan Application for further information

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